CYN stands for “Compassionate You Now” – a set of ACTION words to stimulate and channel positive active compassionate energy immediately, from the individual

CYN Mediation provides Mediation Support to International Conflict environments to strengthen the prevention and resolution of violent conflict scenarios, to achieve sustainable non-violent and peaceful outcomes”

Anthony Oyo is a qualified Mediator with 50 years’ experience of living and working in diverse multicultural and professional environments in Africa, Asia, UK, Europe, Australasia and USA, with the Public, Private, Multilateral (World Bank), Bi-Lateral (DFID) and NGO sectors.

His formal Mediator Training with the United Nations and London School of Mediation galvanizes his extensive experience of mediating and managing cross cultural conflict through leadership and management roles from a young age.

Anthony Oyo, founder of CYN Mediation, believes passionately in the positive potential of compassion-based approaches to international mediation strategies. In 2018 he presented his ideas to colleagues at Peace and Conflict Resolution Conferences in Bangkok ( and Lisbon
(, which included discussions with Mr. Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Head of MINUSCA (



  • Our personal layers of culture, gender, race and personal life experience provide a point of reference to recognise difference with 7.6 billion other individuals here on earth, and thus an amazing opportunity to experience conflict. From this arises the opportunity to learn empathy and compassion in the way we respond to all the perceived differences.
  • Learning to be compassionate is a fundamental lesson of the human experience, i.e. we all share the same purpose and opportunity.
  • A mediation process that can facilitate all parties to a reach a greater understanding of their similarities and common aspirations and fears, increases the chances of sustainable peaceful outcomes.

If this idea resonates with you and you would like to share your thoughts or request further information, please get in touch through the contact form below.


5th -7th Nov 2018, Bangkok

Anthony presented “A Place for Compassion in Mediation” at the Tomorrow People’s – Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

29th -30th Nov 2018, Lisbon

Anthony presented “A Place for Compassion in Mediation” at the – 1st International Conference, Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, Portugal

This website is created to provide a forum to share and explore the idea that MEDIATION can facilitate a process that guides parties to recognize their fundamental human commonalities and use COMPASSIONATE APPROACHES to strengthen empathy and achieve SUSTAINABLE POSITIVE OUTCOMES.

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